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New Orleans swing


New Orleans Swing –
Full size inside dimensions are: 54″ x 75″ overall dimensions are 59″ x 85″

SKU: orleans-sd-1

Product Description

New Orleans Swing–
Crib size New Orleans – inside dimensions are 28″x 52″ price is $800.00
Twin size New Orleans – inside dimensions are 39″ x 75″ price is $900.00
Full size New Orleans – inside dimensions are 54″ x 75″ price is $1000.00

For outside dimensions you can add 4.5″ to the width and 10″ to the length ( this does account for the eye bolts protruding on each side about 2″ per side on the length).

Shipping varies from State to State , All the prices are without shipping , We are located in Alabama , so if you are in a Neighboring State shipping will be very reasonable , If you live in a far East or West State shipping will be a little more expensive . prices vary from $175.00 to $450.00 depending on location. Feel free to check out now and pay for shipping when swing is ready to ship . Text or call me to get an estimate on your shipping , just text your city and state to me at 256-463-9629. Thanks and hope you have an awesome day…!!

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Crib size – inside dimensions 28″x 52″, Twin size – inside dimensions 39″ x 75″, Full size – inside dimensions 54″ x 75″


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